Allan WIlliams

Cotton Research and Development Corporation

General Manager, R & D Investment, Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Allan Williams has been involved in the cotton industry for pretty much his entire life, having grown up on a cotton farm and worked in various industry roles since 1995. Two intersecting themes have dominated Allan’s work in cotton: research and sustainability. His initial role involved working with cotton growers to review and prioritise research investments in cotton growing. Allan also led the development of the Australian cotton industry’s BMP program (now myBMP). Following 11 years working on BMP Allan then started working for the global Better Cotton Initiative, again leading the development of the definition of Better Cotton. This saw him expand his cotton farming perspective to locations including Brazil, West Africa, India and Pakistan.

Since leaving BCI in 2012 Allan has worked for the Australian Cotton Research & Development Corporation, and was recently appointed General Manager for R&D Investment.

Allan also chairs the International Cotton Advisory Committee’s Expert Panel on the Social, Economic and Environmental Performance (SEEP) of cotton.

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